DR. SANTE,keratin hair-shampoo for dull and brittle hair

DR. SANTE,keratin hair-shampoo for dull and brittle hair

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Keratin being the main "building blocks" of hair, finding damaged areas, rebuilding the hair structure from the inside, so that the hair is again elastic, smooth and beautifully shining. Arginine contained guarantees hair and strength. This amino acid stimulates the growth of new, healthy and strong hair. Collagen creates invisible film strengthens, protects and renews hair. Shampoo with a complex of proteins protects the hair against adverse external factors such as wind, sun, frost. It also prevents damage caused by high temperature (dryer, straightener). As a result of the Keratin Hair shampoo, our hair does not break, is moisturized and nourished, groomed and cared for along the entire length.

Directions for use: apply from the root, massage into the skin and along the entire length of the hair. Rinse. Wash twice.

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