18 Herbs Hair Oil 210ml - Organic and Natural

18 Herbs Hair Oil 210ml

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18 Herbs Hair Oil based an herbal Ayurvedic at Khadi Organique is a blend of carefully chosen herbs that provide strength to the hair naturally as well as balance the mind. An assurance of hair-growth, frizz-free hair and a solution for dandruff, this effective oil improves hair quality. Serving as an excellent product for thick hair, it gives your hair a natural sheen. Be admired for your dazzling, healthy hair! Sesame Oil deeply nourishes and strengthens the hair from its roots. Olive Oil protects the keratin of the hair and seals its moisture. Almond treats hair loss and damage. Jojoba serves as a perfect hair conditioner as it removes hair residue and provides a cooling effect. Bhringraj, Mandukaparni, Amla and Green Tea activate hair follicles and increase hair growth. Mint soothes the scalp and prevents dandruff. Neem cures hair and scalp problems. Rosemary stimulates hair growth and delays hair graying. Aloe Vera prevents hair fall and makes the hair thick and voluminous. Kapoor Kachri cures scalp problems like dandruff and infections. Kapur and Tea Tree strengthen hair roots and improve its texture. Henna revives the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp. Lemon Grass is a rich source of Iron which prevents hair loss. Pahadi Pudina has antibacterial properties which keep the hair strong and odor-free. Tulsi works as a natural remedy for dandruff and hair fall.

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