Green Pharmacy, Massage Oil Warming

Green Pharmacy, Massage Oil Warming

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  • ESSENTIAL OILS – help maintain skin youth by massaging body with our complex of nourishing and moisturizing essential oils, promote relaxation, warm up and improve mood
  • BODY MASSAGE OIL – a combination of orange essential oil, cinnamon essential oil and pepper essential oil are renowned for improving microcirculation, which facilitates the removal of toxins from the body
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY MASSAGING OIL – featuring almond oil as it facilitates the penetration of the active ingredients and for the hands to glide over the skin during massage. Orange oil has been included not only to give a fresh and juicy scent, but also to relieve muscle tension
  • WARMING MASSAGE OILS – this unique combination of essential oils helps to reduce fluid retention. After regular use you will notice smoother skin with better elasticity which is fragrant with our natural smelling herb mix
  • SAFE AND EASY TO USE – we are pleased to say that massage oils from The Green Pharmacy are free from parabens, preservatives and artificial colors to ensure you and your skin receive only natural goodness from the nourishing and healing oils contained in our essential massage oil

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