Superlife, Organic Matcha Tea 100g

Superlife, Organic Matcha Tea 100g

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  • Antioxidant
  • Energizing Tea
  • Traditional Herbal Tea
  • Caffeine Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Non-Gmo
  • Vegan
  • Superlife Matcha is ideal for everyday use, as well as all cooking applications and fragrant juices.
  • This matcha comes from the leaves of Tinka collected after the spring harvest that offers a taste of full-earth earth green tea without holding or the duration associated with the last harvest of the matchas. 
  • One serving of matcha is equivalent to drinking 10 cups of regular green tea. Matcha is known for its antioxidants. 
  • In addition, natural amino acid L-theanine provides balanced, sustainable energy and promotes comfortable thinking, calm, and alert. 
  • Matcha Superlife contains a group of antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients. 
  • There are no fillers, flavors, preservatives, additives, sweeteners, carriers, stabilizers or additives, only 100% pure matcha.


Use daily, as an alternative to coffee or black tea and as a cooking ingredient.