Maxim, Silver MaxION Panty Liners, Very Light 24pcs

Maxim, Silver MaxION Panty Liners, Very Light 24pcs

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We’ve combined our thin cotton panty liners with revolutionary new odor protection technology, harnessing the big power of the little ion to create MaxION, the newest in odor control innovation. Like you, we love the comfort and breathability of cotton, and we also don’t want any harmful or irritating chemicals, like chlorine or perfume, touching our skin. MaxION panty liners have negatively charged, naturally antibacterial silver and tourmaline ions embedded in the lining. These negatively charged ions naturally attract and cancel out the positively charged bacteria, stopping odors before they even start. It’s safe, natural, and you’ll feel fresh and clean all day.

Cotton Makes a Difference

At Maxim, we’re proud to offer panty liners that set the standard for clean and natural body care. Other panty liners may say they are natural and chlorine chlorine-free but they're not all made with cotton. Instead they can contain layers of cheap wood pulp filler that can cause irritation and dryness. Our panty liners never have synthetic fibers, or cheap wood pulp. After all, these are products you use for hours next to your body in your most intimate area. Maxim uses only 100% organic and natural chlorine free cotton, which is naturally hypoallergenic, breathable, and soft.

What's In Your Liner?

We’ve always believed you should know what you’re putting in your body, even when it comes to panty liners. Companies are unfortunately not legally required by the FDA to list their ingredients when it comes to feminine hygiene products, but Maxim is committed to full transparency— you’ll find all our ingredients listed right on the box. That way you can be confident there are no hidden chemicals, fragrances, or harsh ingredients. And we listen to our customers. Our unique designs have all the features women really want: wider absorbent cores, longer leakage control channels, and soft, comfortable top layers!


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