Maxim, Natural Ultra Thin Winged Pads, Regular 10pcs

Maxim, Natural Ultra Thin Winged Pads, Regular 10pcs

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  • Unfortunately you can?t control the intensity of your flow, but for those moderate flow days, you can control your comfort with these ultra thin sanitary napkins designed with wings and leakage control channels to help lock liquid toward the center of the pad and away from your panties. And don?t worry about getting irritated by the wings when they fold over your panty and settle in to your folded inner thigh and groin area - our wings are made with cotton, a natural material that leaves you feeling fresh and soft. Other cool features about this product to keep you feeling Soft, Safe and Natural:Individually Wrapped for your carrying convenienceLeakage Control Channels to protect against leaksAdhesive Strip on back for panty holding strengthRecycled Cardboard Packaging to create less waste and biodegrades easilyRecommended Use: Regular menstrual flow or incontinence and bladder controlCount: 10 Pads.
  • 100% Natural Cotton Absorbent Core, 100% Natural Cotton Cover Sheet, PE Breathable Backsheet, Adhesive Strip, PE Wrapper..
  • Maxim Hygiene Products.

    Natural Cotton Ultra Thin Winged Pads Daytime by Maxim Hygiene
    Products 10 Pad Natural Cotton Ultra Thin Winged Pads Daytime 10
    Count Spend your days worry free with Maxims sleek Ultra Thin
    Winged Daytime Pads Maxim pads are completely hypoallergenic and
    made with 100 Natural Cotton That means no chlorine bleaching and
    above all breathable comfortable wearability with no
    uncomfortable rashes that sometimes come from the synthetics
    found in conventional pads. If thats not enough this pad is
    uniquely designed with leakage control channels and wings to
    protect you from leaks and keep you comfortable. ALSO we use
    cotton for the absorbent core instead of wood pulp to keep things
    more breathable and safer for the trees. And finally our pads are
    95 biodegradable so you can feel better about tossing them (not
    in the toilet) when youre done. Better for your body and the
    earth Now thats what we call taking feminine hygiene to the max
    Maxim Ultra Thin Daytime Sanitary Pads are Made with 100 Naturals.

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