Hair Genesis Activator Serum

Hair Genesis Activator Serum

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  • Forms a protective layer around hair strands to resist from external aggressors
  • Provides a restructuring and moisturising impact that effectively repairs and revitalise hair
  • Effectively helps to boost volume and prevent split ends
  • New generation hair genesis provide better results
  • HairGenesis serum is made in USA by FDA approved factoryIt is effective, safe and natural for both men and women

Highly sophisticated formula protected by patent pending. Now a dual mechanism of action product. Novel and proprietary drug delivery system employed to facilitate efficient phospholipid vesicle suspension and to optimize membrane transport in the follicle. Newly improved half life characteristics allow for once daily dosing. This compares with the previous topical serum version which required twice daily application. Pleasant smell and non tacky feel. Patented form of L carnitine tartrate combined with proprietary sub constituents including R thioctic acid, betasitosterol and Lsesr demonstrates highly Hair Genesis serum is the external component of the system. Apply directly to the scalp for intense, direct Dht blocking at the source. Package 1 Oz for one month supply.

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